AccroTool’s partners enjoy, in us, a vendor who can control, when desired or needed, the entire supply chain. Raw materials come in and we ship to you finished parts. We accommodate some partners with their parts assembled, inventoried, placed into a Kanban program, and shipped directly to distributors or end users in our partners’ own packaging. Along the way, AccroTool craftsmen, engineering staff, customer service representatives, project managers, and our business development team collaborate on projects to ensure partner programs execute to expectation and beyond. AccroTool commits to continuous process improvement and investments in technology that drive costs down and quality up with service unmatched in the industry. Many companies can fabricate your parts; none deliver a partnership experience like AccroTool.

AccroTool has both CNC-controlled turret punch presses as well as a laser-punch combo machine. Our punches have 33T capacity and the bed handles 120” x 60” sheets.

AccroTool has a full complement of press brakes and busbar benders up to 120T and 10’ in capacity with 8-axis auto operation. 

AccroTool’s machining operation consists of CNC-controlled and manual 4-axis lathes, vertical mills, horizontal mills, and saws. Currently, our part capacity allows the following:
  • Turned parts 2-1/2” diameter up to 24” long and 3” diameter up to 16” long
  • Milled parts 18” x 48” x 25”
  • CTL saw cuts 13” x 72”
Laser Processing
AccroTool’s fiber lasers are capable of processing sheet and plate up to 60” x 120” x 5/8” thick in aluminum, stainless steels, cold-rolled steel, and hot-rolled steel. We additionally process copper and brass up to 60” x 120” x .1875” thick. 

AccroTool’s welding division accommodates most customer requests for the following processes:
  • TIG
  • SMAW
  • Brazing & Soldering
  • Spot Welding
Our in-house certified welding inspection team ensures all welders are trained, regularly tested, and certified to welding standards spec’d by our partners. We accommodate US-MIL spec welding procedures and are happy to write, qualify, and test to any standards required for production.

AccroTool’s stamping press line features presses from 5T to 140T. Accrotool can assist in designing stamping dies and we offer storage and maintenance of many of our customer’s dies.

Painting & Powder Coating
AccroTool offers both wet spray and powder coating processes. Our curing ovens are calibrated frequently to control quality.

Silk Screening
AccroTool provides silk screening as an added value to help control lead times for our partners. Our quality is second-to-none in the industry.

Assembly and LEAN Processing
We provide a variety of value-added services to include kitting, LEAN manufacturing participation, and Kanban.

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